EP 2014 (2015 Remix)

by Acrid

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Joep Heijen - Lead Vocals
Robert Nolden - Bass
Frank Debij - Drums
Claus Toet - Lead Guitars
Mark Pilk - Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals


released May 28, 2014

Recorded by Lesley Strik & Mark Pilk (May 2013 - December 2013)
Re-mixed & Mastered by Mark Pilk (December 2015)



all rights reserved


Acrid The Hague, The Netherlands

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Track Name: AfterBurner
Burning skies light up the chaos
Ink black lies litter the pavement

No one left, on your own
Time has come, 3...2...1...GO

Ink black lies litter the pavement

After all is said and done, will you still be with me
A heartbeat stops, the curtain drops
An endless dawn greets the sun, I awake in flames
Burned out cars and itching scars
No more tomorrow

Floor the gass and head for the light
Follow me to the end of the night

Shattered vows, shards of hate
The smoke clears, feasting fears

Follow me to the end of the night

Blood money goes up in flames,
Harmony of the deranged
All laid to waste
Track Name: One Tear
A tear born of hate,
Of a colliding fate
Holding on to my dream,
In my eyes a hateful gleam

Hard times will be followed by good
The sun is here to change my mood
Breaking free of the cloudy sky
This is not the time for me to die

One tear, that is all you will ever get
So clear, I’m still not there yet
Oh how I believed in you
This one tear I will shed for you

Holding on to life with all I've got
That implies I cared a lot
Of everything that I hold dear
There will only be a single tear

Powered by demons, I swear to you
There was never anyone more true
Track Name: 47 Stitches and a Broken Heart
You left me fearless
Nothing to lose, knowing the truth

You left me tearless
Frozen in time, when you were mine

Take away all I am, suffocate all we had
with my last breath, I'll erase the stench on your name

Bleach my soul in wine, the stains remain forever
Beauty dies with time, the pain remains forever
Laugh so you won't cry, denial is an art
47 stitches and a broken heart

Second hand loving
Your eyes reeflect, the soul to math

I owe you nothing
nowhere to run, broken and done

Blame, blame it on the world
No use to deny, the picture perfect smile
Can't hide the truth in your eyes
You can't even cry

Now and forever
Nothing to prove, knowing the truth

And ever after
Done with the time, when you were mine
Track Name: Between Two Heartbeats
Creeping out of the darkness
You won't see me coming. Creeping out
Drawn to the scent of weakness
In spilled tears I wallow. Drawn to the scent
Pitchback glance in your eyes now
I need look no further. Pitchblack glance
Peel the cracks in the surface
Suppressed fear I harness. Peel the cracks

Life drips from the needle in my hand
Broken dreams cannot be mend

Lay down the bare truth, from now on I own you

Smothered cries, deafening sighs
Life ends between two heartbeats
Burning spite, swallowing pride
Life ends between two heartbeats

Weave the thoughts that provoke me
All is smeared with fear...weave the thoughts
Acrid clouds gather slowly
The sun shines no longer...acrid clouds
Drenched in blood I will rise up
The world bows before me...drenched in blood

Close your eyes
Track Name: Night Falls
Night falls, all was in vain,
Karma screams out your name

Blasting through the concrete walls
Let darkness shine upon your soul

Night falls for you

Rushing towards your self destruction
Let me get out of your way
Nihilism leads to nothing
There is nothing left to say

I will be whole again, without you
A chance to grow again, without you
Come out a better man, I have to
I'll met you at the end...and crush you

Fate calls, an uneven game,
A rigged deck of cards,
I'm all in all the same

I'll rise up before you
And wipe the stains away
White lies and corruption
They all carry your name
Track Name: World of Gathering Darkness
Seas of red and clouds of black, we are now
Filled with everlasting fear, in our hearts
Ride the winds of death

No future, no hope, no God to save our souls

Darkness descends, life fades away

Acid rains in shattered lands, killing all
Burning ashes dying sun, godless world
Species perish one by one, lost forever
in a hell of endless fire we'll burn

The suffering will swallow the earth
And all that lives, falls prey to fatal darkness
Mankind's suicide will lead us to our end
And the world we know will fall into black

Gather darkness, enter hell