Demo 2001

by Acrid

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Arjan Heijden - Bass
Frank Debij - Drums
Claus Toet - Lead Guitars
Mark Pilk - Lead Guitars & Vocals


released April 20, 2017

Recorded and Mixed in the summer of 2001 by Hans Pieters & Acrid in the Excess Studios in Rotterdam, Holland



all rights reserved


Acrid The Hague, The Netherlands

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Track Name: Divine Cruelty
The quick pain so deafening, the weakness so overpowering.
What could I have done instead?
What power was there to use?

The roads all pre-determined, a destiny of singularity.

What path was there to chose?
Where could I have gone instead?

Divine cruelty, forgetting humanity.

The death slowly slides through... a sad smokescreen of numbness.

The roads all pre-determined, a destiny of singularity.
Such pain-proven villainy, a lifelong obscenity.

What choice was there to make?
When will I be set free?
Track Name: Empty
Never looking back, always look ahead.
Never turn your back on the ones you left.

I've been around here for awhile.
I've lived my life back in denial.
Though you have passed me once before, you're trying harder to ignore.
The truth is that I am still around, fuelled by your lies I am unbound.
Much stronger than before I spread the words once more.

You don't see the causes I've been fighting for, words of emptiness are easy to ignore.
You don't care about what I have said and done, where we end is only where we have begun.

I can live without you, I can breathe without you when I am outside your world.
Emptiness inside me.
Can you live without me?
Can you feel what I feel when you're inside my world?
Track Name: F.C.K.D.
I asked you for a little time, some piece of mind, a chance to think, a chance to set it straight.
But you never did, you took the easy way and you made me pay.

Pay the toll on the high road to hell.
Wanting to stop, turn back and attack - yeah.
Praying for strength but you know damn well I'm on my way and there's no turning back - no.

Destiny can not set me free.
The price to pay, too high.
So low for one to go but i have to...
Fight, Cheat, Kill, Die.

I asked you for a little respect, a chance to reflect, a reason to try, a reason to hold my head up high.
But you never did, you took the easy way and you made me pay.